IBM/RAVE – Best Oral Presentation Award 2012

At the 32nd Annual SPIE Photomask Technology Symposium (BACUS 2012) in Monterey, California, Emily E. Gallagher, Gregory R. McIntyre and Mark Lawliss of IBM Corporation along with Tod E. Robinson, Senior Applications Engineer, Ronald R. Bozak, Applications Manager and Roy L. White, Director of Technical Marketing at RAVE LLC were all recognized by the Worldwide Photomask Industry for their outstanding contribution to the symposium’s technical program during the oral presentation sessions.  The award was earned by votes from all of the attending members.  The paper was a joint effort between RAVE LLC and IBM Corporation in the area of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) mask manufacturing using RAVE nanomachining as a viable EUV mask repair technique.  The research paper was voted 3rd place among all of the best oral presentations.

The award reads:

SPIE Photomask Technology

Best Oral Presentation Award 2012
3rd Place

Presented to:
Emily E. Gallagher, Gregory R. McIntyre, Mark Lawliss,
IBM Corp. (United States);
Tod E. Robinson, Ronald R. Bozak, Roy L. White,
RAVE LLC (United States)

For the paper titled:
EUVL Mask Repair: Expanding Options with Nanaomachining [8522-56]

              Presented by:
Wolf Staud
2012 BACUS President
September 2012
Monterey, California, USA

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