RAVE Values

  • Ethics and Integrity
    with the highest standards of ethics and integrity in daily and strategic operations and interactions with customers, vendors, employees, shareholders and the community, and promote an environment that fosters these values.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
    corporate commitment to social and environmental responsibility, providing a safe and productive workplace, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in our business operations and community interactions.
  • Results and Contributions
    and perform to commitment in all dealings with customers, employees, shareholders, and the community.  RAVE recognizes effort, but rewards results.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    exceptional efforts to consider the customer perspective and maintain communications and actions necessary to sustain and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Creativity and Innovation
    for each challenge with creativity and practicality and explore the problems of our customers and industries from unique perspectives, using innovation to unlock solutions and ideas overlooked by others.
  • Continuous Improvement
    perfection relentlessly, even though it cannot be obtained.  Constantly analyze our products and services, processes, business systems and work environment with an eye toward improving on our already high standards of quality and safety.
  • Stakeholder Value
    Protect and expand the company base of technology, customer sets, and revenue streams to protect and add value for our customers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers.