Advanced Haze Removal System
– RAVE is once again pioneering another breakthrough in advanced equipment technology with the introduction of the Rhazer® Haze Removal System.

Haze contamination on photomasks has become a pervasive and costly problem throughout the Semiconductor Industry. Recent wet clean and environmental control techniques have helped to slow haze formation during wafer stepper exposures, but show no promise of a haze prevention solution.

The Rhazer® system does not prevent haze, but allows the wafer fab to “manage” it! The Rhazer® system is designed to reside in the wafer fab and provide a resident capability to reduce haze growth below printable levels from both sides of reticles in less than one working shift. The process is dry and does not require removal of the pellicle. Although haze is expected to reform, the Rhazer® process causes no damage to the mask absorber materials, no Transmission loss, no effect on critical CDs and no Overlay shift, meaning reticles can be cleaned as often as needed without leaving the control of the fab environment.


The Rhazer® system can be used for:

  • Preventive Maintenance Cleans – During wafer production, masks that begin to show haze are processed in-fab and then quickly returned to the lithography line.
  • Post-Cleans – Masks are processed immediately following lithography line use and just before transfer to the reticle stocker to neutralize haze formation during long term storage.
  • Re-Cleans – Masks retrieved from storage are processed to avoid wet clean, time consuming re-qualification and to ensure no unexpected haze growth during device production re-runs. Contact RAVE today at ravesales@ravenano.com to arrange a Rhazer® haze removal demonstration.

:: Rhazer®– Key Performance Benefits (click to open)

  • Dry process – No pellicle removal
  • Fast-turn full reticle clean – One shift reticle turnaround
  • In-fab control – Reticles never leave the wafer fab
  • Fewer cleans – Negligible haze formation in storage
  • Very low cost cleans
  • Fewer duplicate reticles needed
  • Reduced haze-related wafer losses
  • More efficient lithography line management
  • No absorber damage
  • No CD variance
  • No added chemical residues
  • Clean as often as needed
  • Small system footprint: 4.1 ft. x 7.6 ft.
  • Low energy consumption: 7kW @ 208V AC
  • No harmful effluents or waste management
  • No de-ionized water, acid or solvent wastes
  • SMIF compatible; RFID reader; OCR/Barcode reader
  • Robot; Reticle flipper, Pellicle height & edge detection
  • Highly user friendly GUI software and process control
  • SECS/GEM compatible
  • Return to time proven, highly efficient photomask cleaning technologies
  • Higher mask yields; Fewer re-clean losses
  • Faster delivery

:: Rhazer® – Performance Specifications

Haze Removal: 100% (Without Pellicle Removal)

System Throughput: < 8 hours (Frontside & Backside)

Mask Materials: Chrome, MoSi, Quartz.

Phase Angle Loss: None

Transmission Effect: None

Mask Size: 150mm x 150mm x 25mm