fp-III Femto-Pulse Laser Mask Repair System


RAVE’s New Advanced Femto-pulse Laser Photomask Repair System

RAVE’s new fp-IIITM laser system is designed to deliver a broad range of mask repair capabilities at very high throughput (>150 masks per week) including bulk removal (image reconstruction) on a wide variety of mask absorber materials. The system incorporates world class optical and mechanical components managed by RAVE’s easy-to-use, production operations software to provide customers the optimum combination of large and small area image reconstruction with leading edge 65nm design rule mask repair capability at the lowest cost of ownership.


:: fp-IIITM Key Performance Benefits

  • Very high repair throughput (including large defects) and extendable accuracy guarantees accelerated ROI (especially when used to replace obsolete, older, slower and less capable existing laser and FIB mask repair systems)
  • Non-thermal repair process eliminates thermal diffusion and minimizes splatter and roll-up
  • Sub-100nm resolution and feature repair
  • Real-time repair viewing and Actinic imaging at 258nm that allows for real-time dispositioning
  • Though pellicle repair capability
  • Precise, damage-free repairs producing >92% transmission

:: fp-IIITM Key Features

  • Femtosecond pulsed laser system
  • DUV Optics – Transmitted and Reflected
  • World class X,Y, and Z multi-level lens control
  • High accuracy stage
  • Comprehensive pattern copy of large and complex geometries