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The new Merlin®-G Series Nanomachining Mask Repair System is the world’s most advanced 15nm Photomask repair tool. This revolutionary new system provides mask makers with the capability to remove defects on all known Photomask materials including Binary Chrome, MoSiON, OMOG, Quartz and EUV materials. The system is also capable of trimming carbon patches and removing unknown foreign contamination. The Merlin®-G is RAVE’s fifth generation nanomachining tool with the extreme precision and reliability to make it the system of choice for production level 15nm Technology Node mask repairs and more than suitable for 10nm Technology Node mask development. For more system details, see our Merlin®-G web page.




The fp-GIII™ Femto-Pulse Laser Mask Repair System is the newest addition to RAVE’s highly successful family of Photomask repair tools. With its extraordinary precision and high-speed, the fp-GIII™ is today’s most cost effective solution to replace obsolete, older, slower and less capable existing laser and Focused-Ion-Beam (FIB) mask repair systems. The fp-GIII™ is designed for volume production mask repairs down to the 65nm Technology Node including large and small area image reconstruction and through pellicle repairs. For more system details, see our fp-GIII™ web page.





RAVE recently introduced the Rhazer® Haze Removal System. Global semiconductor wafer fabs are struggling with an increasingly serious and costly reticle contamination problem known as “Haze.” The haze problem grows worse with each successive technology node shrink and is having a significant impact on wafer manufacturing costs. The new Rhazer® system quickly removes haze related defects from reticles without pellicle removal and causes no damage to the reticle absorber materials. The Rhazer® system is designed to operate in the mask shop or directly inside the wafer fab to provide a fast-turn haze management capability. For more system details and process results see our Rhazer® web page.

Future RAVE products will extend nanomachining into other advanced microelectronic and nano-scale sciences where atomic level machining and material shaping is needed to enable a host of emerging nano-technologies.