Our Company

Today’s sophisticated Photomask manufacturing techniques require atomic level precision with repair and cleaning technologies to match.  RAVE has emerged as the industry leader in the field of advanced Photomask repair.  RAVE subsidiaries include ECO-SNOW SYSTEMS, a world leader in cryogenic cleaning and ADVANCED MICRO PATTERNING whose systems provide maskless lithography to industry and academia.  RAVE provides the most comprehensive instruments necessary to meet the most stringent demands of the next generation of Photomask manufacturing process requirements.

RAVE’s Photomask Business Unit has also recently expanded its process solution expertise to new system products capable of removing crytal growth contamination from finished Photomasks directly on the wafer fab line. RAVE can be seen at numerous Nanotechnology, Semiconductor and Photomask Industry events.


  • RAVE is dedicated to the Semiconductor and Photomask Industries.
  • Advanced Mask Repair and Cleaning is our primary business.
  • Nanomachining is a proven production technology.
  • Now entering our 16th business year providing mask repair equipment.
  • Nanomachines and Laser Mask Repair systems are installed worldwide.
  • Customers report ROI in less than 12 months.
  • Extremely strong technology team (together 22 years).
  • Introduced 5 new system generations in 8 years.
  • Gen 2-6 Nanomachine R&D funding derived entirely from equipment sales.
  • 7nm Nanomachine R&D program already underway.
  • New Rhazer Haze Removal Systems currently shipping worldwide.
  • The most flexible maskless lithography systems on the market.


In order to achieve our Vision, RAVE management commits to the following principles:

  • RAVE will continue to focus on customer satisfaction with its products, as the leading indicator of leadership in its markets.
  • RAVE will design, engineer, manufacture and support its products with the technological innovations and requisite reliability to meet our customers changing business environment. (Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and Key Customer Road map demands and timelines.)
  • RAVE will manage its operations to the most productive level of performance possible, consistent with meeting its stated mission.
  • The company will involve its suppliers in its planning and forecasting, to maximize entire supply chain performance.
  • RAVE will continue to hold business integrity, employee satisfaction and shareholder value as the key foundation of its business environment.