APPLICATIONS NOTE: EUV Applications for Merlin® and EL-C®

RAVE LLC in conjunction with several EUV technology champions is developing a backside reticle cleaning process for the removal of embedded debris in the chromium nitride layer used for electrostatic chucking of EUV masks. While standard cleaning methods are most often unsuccessful in removing embedded debris, RAVE proposes the use of Nanomachining followed by a dry cryogenic CO2 surface cleaning for the removal of the Nanomachining debris. Nanomachining can be used to modify the embedded defect such that it no longer protrudes above the mask plane, thereby eliminating any distortion due to the out-of-plane defect. More information about the Merlin® Nanomachining System can be found here on the RAVE product pages. More information about the ECO-SNOW® EL-C® Cryogenic Cleaning System can be found at

Merlin® is a registered trademark of RAVE LLC.   ECO-SNOW® and EL-C® are registered trademarks of RAVE N.P., Inc. RAVE N.P., Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAVE LLC.

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